success_failure-150x150-120x120It’s not just good enough to have a ‘Prosperity Mindset’; you need to know how to maintain and nurture it. And the best way to nurture your mindset is to remove the negative beliefs as they arise in your day to day life.

So what’s a belief?  For me, a belief is a concept that we accept to be true and no longer question.

A good friend of mine, Pauline Longdon says, “We are not limited by our imagination, we are only limited by our belief systems”. I agree with her.

Get into the habit of questioning your beliefs.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping states “Whatever you sow and plant in the garden you will produce a crop.”  Think of your mind as the garden and your beliefs as the seeds you plant. What kind of crop are you about to harvest?

Have you ever thought about your beliefs around money, success or financial freedom? Do you know what beliefs you have and if they are even yours? Are you aware that you can actually change your beliefs about any aspect of your life?

I always say to my students, “When negative beliefs come up, get excited, because you are just about to change them”.

Changing your beliefs allows you to build a strong foundation on which to create sustainable prosperity and increase your spirituality.  This allows you to “Live Your Bliss” instead of just following it.

When you have the right tools, you are able to create your life in the “Now” instead of having to rely on someone else to change your beliefs for you. How much more empowered does that allow you to be? When you are the one changing your reality, you get to decide which beliefs no longer serve you and then change them.

Like a type of mental food, your mindset works to nurture your prosperity.

Think about food for a moment… You wouldn’t eat something served up to you on a plate that offended you! Then why is it that we are so quick to devour any type of ‘prosperity’ beliefs that someone else offers us, without questioning its truth according to our own values, vision and vibration?

The key to discerning if these new beliefs will support your prosperity is to identify and understand what is really important to you. Then, decide to accept or reject the new beliefs into your reality.

Allow money to be your best friend. Just imagine how many more people’s lives you can touch by having more money in your life and at your control… food for the hungry, accommodation for the homeless, education for the illiterate, safety for the abused, and the list goes on.

By being in a mutually fulfilling relationship with money, the sky is no longer the limit to what you can achieve. Why wait for someone else to invest in your dreams when you have the ability and the deservedness to create your own reality starting now.

Believe You Can Achieve!


Article printed on page 14, Winter 2012 Edition, InnerSelf Magazine (Australia) –

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